Clogging VS PowerTap?

shoes bannerTraditionally PowerTap started with a less popular sounding name – Clogging. The first assumption from the general crowd was “Do they wear wooden shoes?” The answer is NO, we wear tap shoes! Clogging is a shuffle based percussive style dance traditionally danced to Bluegrass music. But over time clogging has evolved….

Now dancing to high-energy-modern-day music, the style has really outgrown it’s clogging roots and taken on an “Anything Goes” attitude. We mix Irish Step, Tap, Clogging, Hip Hop and pretty much anything in between! It’s danced at double time and has the power of Irish step, the detail in timing as Tap but with a much urban feel.

You can see just by looking at Crickett, that she likes to dance “outside of the box”. She holds nothing back when teaching her classes and sees every class as an opportunity to reach her students in new ways. NO OTHER STUDIO in the Ventura County teaches the style and level that is offered here. The PowerTap/Clogging community is small.

Click here to see a video of a PowerTap performance.

Here are some photos of the double steel taps we wear. Much different than a “tap-dance” single tap.

 DANCEFUSION is proud of their dance heritage and performs routines honoring the traditional clogging style as well as contemporary PowerTap. Styles of music range from Irish, Bluegrass, Pop, Techno, Inspirational Rap and even ACAPELLA… creating a dynamic routine layering different rhythms on top of each other and not using music at all! No limit is placed to what styles of music can be incorporated – except that it is CLEAN and positive!