Our Sponsors

We at DanceFusion are so humbled by the love and support we get from our community. Friends, family and local organizations are gathering together to provide a place for Ventura County kids to be able to enjoy dance in an uplifting ,beautiful & safe environment. We truly could not do what we do without the generosity of our supporters! 

Our studio remodel was done by QCP Construction, Inc. 

QCP is a Full-Service Construction Company specializing in quality remodeling & painting in the Ventura and Santa Barbara areas. Dedicated, punctual and reliable service backed by a company owner & management with the heart to serve loyally to their hometowns. We genuinely recommend contacting them if you are considering a home remodeling project!


Our location & facility provided by: Seed Communities

DanceFusion’s home and the reason we are able to bring this vision to Ventura is because of this ‘place’. The people of Seed enjoy helping people enter into loving relationships with God and each other and believes that God offers everything we need in order to have a whole life. The support of their Pastoral staff and congregation to host DanceFusion is just one of many ways they use their building to serve the community in a practical way. DF’s director, Crickett,  is a member of Seed and serves proudly as their Event Director.

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